NAVTOR integrates Total Marine enviro regs into voyage planning

NAVTOR integrates Total Marine enviro regs into voyage planning
Tor Svanes, NAVTOR CEO, and Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, president of Total Marine Solutions

Norwegian maritime e-navigation specialist NAVTOR has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Florida-based Total Marine Solutions (TMS). The agreement will see NAVTOR integrate TMS’ Ocean Guardian product into the NavStation digital chart table, allowing users to gain a real-time overview of all relevant environmental rules and regulations.

The increasing number of environmental regulations can make understanding their exact requirements and complying with them complicated. Ocean Guardian allows users to search international, national, regional, and port regulations to ensure compliant decisions are made on things like vessel discharges.  Integrating Ocean Guardian into the NavStation digital chart table for voyage planning will provide a more thorough view on navigation, including weather routing and passage planning, while taking into account the environmental regulations that would need to be complied with on any given voyage.

“Environmental regulations are increasing in frequency, complexity and stringency around the world,” said Tor Svanes, NAVTOR CEO. “Vessels must comply with them at all times, but, dependent on where they’re sailing, this can be a complicated, time-consuming and constantly shifting task. Vessel owners and operators need a system in place to give them the accurate, up-to-the-minute information they require and that is exactly what Ocean Guardian delivers. This is far too critical an issue to leave to chance.”

“It’s our objective to simplify tasks for navigators while making operations safer, more efficient and profitable for shipowners,” Mr Svanes continued. “TMS’ Ocean Guardian product fits the bill perfectly, allowing us to add even more value to NavStation and help our customers protect their operations, reputations and, of course, the local, regional and global environment.”

Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons, president of Total Marine Solutions, commented: “NAVTOR is a leader in its niche and the NavStation technology is a truly innovative and user friendly system that transforms day to day life for navigators. By integrating Ocean Guardian onto the platform we greatly extend the potential of our industry footprint, delivering powerful benefits to NAVTOR’s global customer base.

“This kind of collaboration – with expert partners leveraging each others skills and technology – is the way forward for an increasingly demanding maritime industry. We’re delighted to be onboard with NAVTOR and NavStation.”