World Marine Offshore introduces BareFLEET performance monitoring

World Marine Offshore introduces BareFLEET performance monitoring
WMO’s World Mistral. Image courtesy of World Marine Offshore

Offshore logistics operator, World Marine Offshore (WMO), has implemented Reygar’s BareFLEET advanced remote monitoring system onboard its crew transfer vessel (CTV) with the aim of delivering comprehensive health and performance monitoring across the firm’s fleet of CTVs.

WMO’s CTV World Mistral will feature BareFLEET’s standard package of engine, navigation and motion monitoring, as well as the World version of BareFLEET, which interfaces with several 3rd party systems already installed to the vessel. This includes the soft bow hydraulic system, fin stabiliser ride control system, active ballast system, and genset, bow thruster, and shore power systems. By consolidating the data from these existing systems, BareFLEET will act as a black box tool that provides a single platform for complete insight into WMO’s CTV vessel performance data.

WMO will make use of BareFLEET’s digital DPR, a system that allows Masters to manually enter vessel reporting information, which is combined with the data captured automatically by its BareFLEET system. Using this system, WMO will supply comprehensive reports to their clients on a daily basis, showing crew onboard, technician pax and equipment transfers, fuel bunkering, weather observations and safety checks and drills.

Jesper Mortensen, head of technical at WMO, said: “It’s WMO’s ambition to be the most innovative fleet in the industry, and Reygar’s ability to adapt BareFLEET to our specific combination of vessel systems means that we have complete awareness of the health and performance of the vessel.

“Our high-performance CTVs include SWATH, high-speed, and hybrid vessels, and encompass a range of unique designs and onboard systems intended to provide our clients with the right vessel to suit their needs – and the versatility of the BareFLEET platform will ensure that we have the most comprehensive understanding of a fleet of any CTV operator in the industry.”

This installation is the first in WMO’s rollout of BareFLEET.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, engineering director of Reygar, commented: “As part of WMO’s commitment to finding cost efficient and effective solutions to their client’s operational challenges, they have requested a highly comprehensive system of vessel monitoring. By plugging in BareFLEET, the operations team will be able to optimise the vessel’s performance and schedule maintenance before faults become critical – therefore maintaining a high level of safety and availability for their clients.

“BareFLEET’s digital DPR function will also support the firm’s emphasis on maintaining trust and transparency within client relationships.”