Sea rescue organisation tests antifouling alternative

Sea rescue organisation tests antifouling alternative

French sea rescue organisation “Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer” (SNSM) is testing the RENOLIT Fouling Release Film DOLPHIN S on one of its vessels to assess the savings in fuel consumption over a one year period.

The RENOLIT DOLPHIN S film is an alternative to conventional antifouling paints as it is based on a silicone layer, which is free from biocides. The Fouling Release technology gives vessels a water-like, smooth surface to prevent organisms from attaching to the hull and other ship surfaces.

The 12-metre long rescue vessel is being monitored by the SNSM’s National Technical Department with all necessary performance parameters of the film on the hull to be routinely checked by divers.

The non-profit organisation hopes that the use of the film will cut fuel consumption. In addition, the weathering resistance of the film is expected to withstand extreme conditions experienced by the vessels sailing along the coast of Brittany.

As the average life-expectancy of RENOLIT’s Fouling Release Film is five years, SNSM is hoping that its vessels will have to spend less time in dry-dock. As the vessels are in use around the clock, they must be easy to clean.

The organisation intends to set an example for environmental protection with the biocide-free RENOLIT DOLPHIN S film to meet the tough legal requirements in French coastal waters.