Color Line takes delivery of plug-in hybrid vessel

Color Line takes delivery of plug-in hybrid vessel
Image courtesy of Uvapic

Color Line’s plug-in hybrid vessel that is powered by batteries and charged with shore power has been delivered by Ulstein Verft. It is reportedly the largest plug-in hybrid vessel delivered to date.

Color Hybrid will operate silently and with zero nitrogen and sulphur emissions in and out of the fjord of Sandefjord. The five-megawatt battery pack weighs 65 tons and can be recharged in one hour with shore power from the Sandefjord fjord. The ship also has a heat reservoir of five megawatts, which utilises heat from both the wake and the exhaust for heating. Combined with an optimal hull construction, the vessel achieves maximum energy efficiency, according to Color Line.

The vessel measures 160m in length and 27.1m in the beam. Color Hybrid has a passenger capacity of 2,000 and can carry 500 cars.

“The construction of the world’s largest plug-in hybrid vessel is in line with the company’s ambitions for further development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for Norwegian shipping,” said Color Line CEO Trond Kleivdal.

“Strong focus on innovation and delivering quality to our customers has always been very important to us. With broad maritime expertise, our skilled and committed employees have made a great effort to complete the Color Hybrid,” commented Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of Ulstein Group.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Color Line for a good and constructive collaboration throughout the construction period. We are pleased that the ship is ready for operation and that passengers very soon can experience traveling with Color Hybrid,” added Gunvor Ulstein.