Oldendorff Carriers switches to electronic oil record books

Oldendorff Carriers switches to electronic oil record books
Image courtesy of Oldendorff

Oldendorff Carriers has awarded maritime technology & marine risk prevention firm Prevention at Sea a contract for switching from the traditional paper Oil Record Book to the ε-ORB electronic Oil Record Book.

Oldendorff Carriers’ decision was based on recognition of the burdens arising from the use of the traditional paper version of MARPOL Oil Record Books as well as the complexity and accuracy of recording proper operational entries relating to discharges, transfers and other operations as required under MARPOL Annex I, regulations 17 (Part I) and 36 (Part II).

Cyprus-based Prevention at Sea will roll out the ε-ORB across the Oldendorff fleet, starting with adopting the software for each vessel’s tank configuration, vessel installation, user training, follow-through and continuous support.

“Maintaining a traditional oil record book lends itself to a variety of coding and calculation errors, each of which bear significant consequences in terms of regulatory enforcement. We found that ε-ORB solves these challenges and is the most comprehensive and MARPOL compliant electronic record book available. We are very happy with the well thought out implementation plan offered by Prevention at Sea” said Oldendorff Carriers spokesman, Scott Bergeron.

“We are very proud that Oldendorff Carriers, as part of their ‘digitalisation’ strategy, have expressed their trust in our electronic Oil Record Book following extensive testing onboard their fleet. Undoubtedly, Oldendorff Carriers’ decision evidences their determination to ‘go paperless’ once MARPOL amendments for e-log books come in effect on 1st October 2020 constituting a great milestone and a giant step for the Industry,” said founder and CEO of Prevention at Sea, Petros Achtypis.