Norwegian shipowner selects MAN Cryo LNG fuel-gas system for LoLo newbuild

Norwegian shipowner selects MAN Cryo LNG fuel-gas system for LoLo newbuild
Graphical rendering of the new vessel. Image courtesy Multi Maritime and Egil Ulvan Rederi

Norwegian shipowner Egil Ulvan Rederi has confirmed it will take delivery of an LNG fuel-gas supply system from MAN Cryo for its multipurpose palletised cargo and refrigerated vessel newbuild, also known as a LoLo (Lift-on/Lift-off).

MAN Cryo, MAN Energy Solutions’ marine LNG fuel-gas-system manufacturer, will supply the following:

  • A vertical, vacuum-insulated 364 m3 LNG tank
  • A complex tank-connection space with two redundant LNG supply trains, based on both a pump and a pressure-build-up unit
  • An LNG cold-recovery evaporator
  • An integrated bunker station (BS100-GR)

The vertical tank has some advantages over horizontal tanks including less impact on stability due to smaller liquid surface, less likely to create sloshing, and increased hydrostatic pressure, facilitating fuel flow.

Graphical rendering of the vertical, vacuum-insulated LNG tank with attached tank-connection space and bunker station

The 3,500 DWT vessel is designed by Førde, Norway designer, Multi Maritime. The MM85CC design will be built at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.

Once delivered in late 2020, the vessel will have a length of 86 m and breadth of 19.5 m and will service the round trip between Tromsø in northern Norway to Østfold in the southeast. The vessel is a multipurpose design with reefer capacity, a refrigerated hold and elevators for palletised goods, as well as the capability to discharge fish food at fish farms along its route.

“MAN Cryo has been chosen as supplier for the LNG fuel-gas system based on the company’s track record of complex LNG solutions. There was no doubt early in the process that MAN Cryo was the preferred supplier because they showed the right level of understanding and knowhow to meet our requirements,” said Arild Hoff, CEO at Egil Ulvan Rederi.

Louise Andersson, head of MAN Cryo, commented: “This specialised vessel makes its own unique demands for reliability and redundancy and we are happy to rise to the challenge with an innovative solution that includes a vertical fuel tank. Ulvan’s interest in clean technology goes hand in glove with our ambition to become a leading supplier of LNG-fuelled solutions. We are also very happy to work once more with such a valued customer as Tersan, and look forward to developing our relationship even further in the future.”