FUELTRAX introduces voyage planning tool

FUELTRAX introduces voyage planning tool
FUELTRAX measures and monitors fuel consumption to ensure ensures vessel compliance and efficiency. FUELNET Trip Planner has been added to the tool to help companies monitor ETA

FUELTRAX has introduced a new tool to help shippers plan multi-stop trips and accurately estimate time of arrival (ETA) by monitoring real-time speed changes.

The voyage planning tool known as FUELNET Trip Planner operates with the ease of Google Maps and includes the following functions:

–  Accurate ETA monitoring: Track each vessel’s ETA to any location in real-time via the FUELNET map view to make fully informed deployment plans.

–  Model custom ETAs: Compare current and custom vessel speeds side-by-side to see the impact on your ETA.

–  Store favourite locations: Quickly and easily draw ETA lines by clicking on the map or selecting one of the saved locations.

–  Plan multi-stop journeys: Get a clear view of the arrival time at every stop along any vessel’s route with the multi-stop planning feature.

–  Independent tracking: Follow reliable real-time location updates from the independent FUELTRAX tracking signal.

–  Industry-leading 99 per cent uptime: Providing pole-to-pole coverage and an uninterrupted satellite connection without relying on AIS or other tracking signals.

FUELNET Trip Planner was developed in close collaboration with one of the company’s clients and is now available to all FUELNET users.