ShipServ and Hanseaticsoft partner to improve operational efficiencies

ShipServ and Hanseaticsoft partner to improve operational efficiencies

ShipServ has announced an agreement with Hanseaticsoft to integrate the company’s cloud-based fleet management solution into ShipServ’s e-procurement platform.

The purpose of the partnership is to drive purchasing and operational efficiencies for shipowners and operators.

The agreement is in line with ShipServ’s strategy to develop relationships with advanced technology partners, where the ShipServ TradeNet platform is integrated into enterprise-wide systems. This aims to optimise the management of an entire fleet, improving operational performance and efficiencies, as well as driving down costs and increasing profitability.

Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) software is an interactive and web-based ship management platform that enables shipowners and operators to manage all processes within the day-to-day operations of a fleet. This includes the execution of inspections and audits, crew management, fleet scheduling, vessel chartering, risk assessment, maintenance and purchasing. The ShipServ TradeNet platform has been integrated and pre-installed into Hanseaticsoft’s CFM as the purchasing module and can be accessed simply at the ‘tick of a box’.

“Hanseaticsoft is one of the most advanced technology providers within the maritime industry and a natural fit for ShipServ to partner with. There is a seamless interface between both companies where there are clear core competencies and a specific point where ShipServ can add real value to Hanseaticsoft’s solution through the provision of procurement and sourcing services for supplies and analytics,” said Carsten Schmidt, SVP, head of sales EMEA at ShipServ.

“The ShipServ platform is pre-installed into CFM, so there is no requirement for the installation of an adaptor or to test the connectivity, which can take time. By simply ticking a box, a shipowner or manager’s purchasing department has an immediate and secure access to an entire marketplace and more than 75,000 suppliers to the maritime industry.”

Shipowners and operators can also benefit from the ability to use ShipServ’s tools and solutions to analyse the performance of their suppliers, as well as spending patterns and trends, which can be benchmarked against other buyers within the market. This is in line with the demand to be able to unlock value from data and create actionable intelligence, which enables procurement decision-makers to deliver against their strategy of consolidating and optimising their supplier base.

Commenting on the partnership, Alexander Buchmann, chief executive officer at Hanseaticsoft, said: “Innovative cloud technology is now being embraced within the maritime industry, which enables companies to optimise the management of their entire fleet and automate fundamental processes. Having ShipServ as a partner and building the TradeNet platform into our state-of-the-art CFM solution ensures the purchasing module of our system is highly sophisticated and contributes significantly to the overall purpose of improving business performance, increasing operational efficiencies and ultimately, profitability.”