BigOceanData extends contract with Cory Brothers

BigOceanData extends contract with Cory Brothers

Vessel tracking and monitoring service and supplier of intelligence solutions, BigOceanData, has extended its contract with logistics and maritime service provider Cory Brothers for a further five years.

Cory Brothers uses a package of data collection and analysis services provided by BigOceanData to monitor the arrival and departure of oil and gas tankers at specified ports and terminals, in its capacity as agent for shipowners, charterers and traders around the world. The new contract between the two organisations doubles the number of ports being monitored to 300.

BigOceanData will continue to work with Cory Brothers to add new functionality that will enhance the services that they in turn can provide their clients. One example currently under development is the generation of automatic alerts when any tanker that is at sea and underway within certain specified regions fails to report in any 24-hour period. This is particularly relevant given current security issues in the Persian Gulf and piracy concerns elsewhere.

Peter Wilson, MD of Cory Brothers, said: “Our contract renewal with BigOceanData is testament to the continued excellence of service and support the team provides. BigOceanData has been and will continue to be one of our key service providers at Cory Brothers, helping us to enhance the service package we provide to our key clients.”

“We are delighted that Cory Brothers has decided to renew their contact with us,” said BigOceanData director Steve Jones. “Our drive to continually upgrade and extend our services continues to meet with approval from our customers, as does our increased emphasis on designing bespoke solutions that utilise the vast amounts of vessel information that we collect to identify new efficiencies and economies.”