VPS launches 2020 fuels insight tool

VPS launches 2020 fuels insight tool

Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) has launched its VLSFO Insights, a detailed monthly report covering key data and information associated with Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oils (VLSFOs).

VPS is a marine fuel testing and bunker quantity surveyor and has already tested a high number VLSFO samples from bunkerings throughout 2019. VPS reports an exponential week-by-week increase in number of samples received by its laboratories as the industry works towards implementation of the 2020 global sulphur cap.

VPS states that this work has already allowed the company to gain a detailed understanding of the chemistries and quality associated with VLSFOs and what the expected issues and risks in managing these fuels will be.

VLSFO Insights reports, detailing the key aspects of current and new VLSFOs coming to market, will be available to customers under either a standard, premium, or ultimate, subscription package.

The information contained in the report will provide bunker managers, fuel procurement officers, technical managers, fleet managers, chief engineers and fuel suppliers, with detailed data, information, recommendations and insights, to anticipate and efficiently manage VLSFOs.

VLSFO Insight subscribers can gain access to information based on VPS’ global proprietary database of fuel samples. By combining the power of this data with VPS’ in-house fuel management expertise, users can expect to receive accurate and up to date information relating to availability, supply, quality and trends associated with these fuels, to assist in mitigating risks and improving operational and procurement performance related to VLSFOs.

Subscribers can also choose subscription packages which will also allow access to the VPS Support Hotline, providing basic troubleshooting & support.

VLSFO Insights will be released on a monthly basis by VPS initially running from November 2019 until October 2020.