HullWiper expands operations in Gibraltar

HullWiper expands operations in Gibraltar
HullWiper operating in Gibraltar Port

HullWiper has announced expansion of its operations in Gibraltar in partnership with global ship fuel conservation and underwater services provider SCAMP. As part of the expansion a second underwater hull cleaning unit will be operational in the first quarter of 2020.

Since HullWiper began operating in the Port of Gibraltar in 2017, approximately 60 hull cleans have been carried out. According to the companies, there is a growing demand for safe, eco-friendly in-port hull cleans, which will be met with HullWiper’s Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

The ROV is an underwater diverless and brush-free cleaning system that uses adjustable seawater jets to remove biofouling without abrasive scrubbing or harsh chemicals. The technology collects marine fouling removed from hulls, rather than releasing it into port waters and risking the spread of invasive marine species. Captured residues are pumped into the ROV onboard filter unit and deposited into dedicated drums onshore, protecting both the marine environment and the customer from potential fines or penalties.

The system can operate day or night and in adverse weather conditions. As no divers are involved, the risk to human life is reduced.

The current HullWiper ROV operates in the Strait of Gibraltar. With the second unit, cleaning operations will start on the east side of Gibraltar.

“This second HullWiper ROV enables us to provide even more vessels with reliable and efficient hull cleans to ensure they leave for their next destination foul-free,” said Freddie Pitto, SCAMP general manager Shipping Services.

HullWiper managing director Simon Doran, commented “Freddie Pitto and the SCAMP team have successfully integrated ROV cleaning into their day-to-day operations. Using the ROV enables them to attend laden vessels and makes hull-cleaning safer by removing the risk to life when divers are involved.”