MOL launches information platform for drybulk shippers

MOL launches information platform for drybulk shippers
Example of satellite screen with voyage information

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has commenced operation of a new information platform called Lighthouse, aimed at helping dry bulkship customers share and monitor ocean transport information.

Screenshot of smartphone access

The platform will help users safely, unitarily, and in real time, share and monitor various kinds of shipping-related information, such as vessel schedules, weather, ocean conditions, as well as data related to cargoes and contracts, on a customised basis for each customer.

By establishing this system, MOL aims to help its customers enhance their supply chain management through measures such as optimisation of ship allocation and more effective management of inventory, including offshore inventory.

With the objective of creating a user-friendly platform, MOL relied on input from customer interviews and took their opinions and requests into consideration in the development of Lighthouse. The company plans to expand the platform, which offers a range of benefits for customers, by continually improving its services and enhancing its functions through continual upgrades.

The company chose the name Lighthouse to reflect the idea of focusing a spotlight on ocean transport, which many customers find to be difficult and complex, and make it easier for them to visualise information about the various aspects of shipping.