Joint optimisation of crewing and maintenance management

Joint optimisation of crewing and maintenance management

Besides fuel costs, personnel costs and costs for maintenance and repair make up the largest share of the operating costs of a merchant ship. They account for up to 30 or 25 per cent of the total operating costs.

Increases in efficiency in these areas can therefore lead to decisive competitive advantages for shipping companies. Against this background, the Fraunhofer CML has now further developed the SCEDAS software solution to smartly integrate maintenance tasks into personnel and resource planning.

SCEDAS was originally developed in order to plan the deployment of the crew for port calls and voyages, as well as for navigating and manoeuvring of a ship efficiently and in accordance with regulations. In addition to the special requirements of a specific voyage for the crew and their qualifications, SCEDAS can take into account and document legal requirements and thus support the complex task of personnel management on land and on board.

The further development of SCEDAS means that maintenance and servicing tasks are now also integrated into the crewing software SCEDAS so that free personnel resources can be optimally used. An important prerequisite for this is the recording and description of the tasks and their duration, combined with the necessary qualification of the personnel. With the aid of these parameters, SCEDAS can assign the ideal time for these tasks to the appropriate personnel and thus provide a decisive benefit for effective resource deployment and safe ship operation.

The CML has now published further information on the joint optimisation of crewing and maintenance management in the white paper ‘Maintenance Management. Mathematically Optimised’, which can be downloaded for free from the websites and