Becker Marine introduces wind power project

Becker Marine introduces wind power project

Becker Marine Systems has announced that it is joining the growing International Windship Association (IWSA) and bringing its WingSail project online.

The WingSail generates significant forward thrust on commercial vessels. The operational profile of the vessel will have to be adapted and weather routing is an important part of it, but for long range operation, using wind as a fuel source will significantly reduce a vessel’s fuel consumption.

The design on the WingSail ensures that carrying the wings will not prevent the ship from entering air draft restricted areas or disturb loading operations. Becker Marine is teaming up with a network of partners for the project.

“In line with the demands of modern shipping, we have combined highly efficient aerodynamics with a user-friendly smart control system and a low-maintenance structure for safe and reliable sailing,” said Mr. Henning Kuhlmann, managing director of Becker Marine Systems. “To make sure our products disrupt the market, not ship operations, we took special care to develop folding solutions in conjunction with the sails.

“We are looking forward to facing future challenges – and to offer the complete WingSail-ecosystem ranging from sails, anti-drift devices, weather routing, system-engineering and integration to operational training.”

Gavin Allwright, IWSA secretary general said: “There has been significant growing interest in wind propulsion systems recently and Becker Marine Systems joining the International Windship Association (IWSA) at this time makes perfect sense. We look forward to working together to ensure a bright future for this viable, credible and truly low carbon means of ship propulsion.”

Becker Marine is now searching for prototype application projects, after having finalised thorough CFD-investigations, structural studies and demonstrator designs.