KNL Networks and FLICQ collaborate on predictive analytics for vessel machinery

KNL Networks and FLICQ collaborate on predictive analytics for vessel machinery

KNL Networks and FLICQ have announced a partnership to help maritime customers digitalise their operations to reduce costs, and ensure their fleets are in optimal condition.

While digitalisation is growing in the shipping industry, a combination of legacy systems, complex installations, lack of standardisation and affordable connectivity means the maritime sector has been slower in digitising its operations. KNL and FLICQ’s collaboration aims to change that.

The collaboration brings to market an easy-to-install, low-cost solution for real-time condition monitoring and predictive analytics of vessel machinery. It works by having the crew attach a FLICQ SmartEdge sensor to the asset magnetically. The sensor then records the asset data and processes it using AI algorithms to extract actionable insights. The sensors transmit these insights to KNL’s COLLECT device, which then transmits the insights to the crew via the onboard network and to the fleet owners onshore via KNL’s pole-to-pole network.

With this information, customers can reduce maintenance costs, prevent machinery breakdowns and schedule repairs in advance to reduce their time in port and get them back to sea quicker.

“Our collaboration with FLICQ brings to the market a turn-key solution that can transform fleet operations. By combining our solutions, we are able to provide real-time visibility into the health of our customers’ assets and, ultimately, of their operations. By alerting them early of any developing problems we can ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness to save them time and money”, said Toni Lindén, CEO of KNL Networks.

“Monitoring remote assets, especially in the maritime sector, can deliver tremendous value but has historically been a challenge due to the cost and complexity of owning currently available solutions,” said Karthik Rau, CEO of FLICQ. “Our partnership with KNL Networks will help us quickly deliver on our vision to simplify asset monitoring in the maritime sector. Together, we bring expertise in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, security and connectivity enabling a truly end-to-end asset monitoring solution.”