Hoppe Marine automates roll damping stabilisation system

Hoppe Marine automates roll damping stabilisation system
Installation possibilities of FLUME system onboard. Image courtesy of Hoppe Marine.

Hoppe Marine has automated its FLUME roll damping stabilisation system to enable automatic adjustment of the level of the roll damping tank to the current loading condition of the vessel by communication with the loading computer.

The FLUME roll damping system is a passive free surface open channel box type roll damping tank. It adapts to changes in the vessel’s loading and operating condition. The stabilizers’ natural response period can be adjusted by a liquid level variation to match the corresponding roll period of the ship. The system helps to reduce fuel consumption, boost cargo for additional revenue, improve flexibility in stowage due to higher positioning of heavier containers, reduces risk of cargo damage, and increases crew safety and comfort.

Model testing at Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA). Image courtesy of HSVA.

The newly developed automatic mode can also be retrofitted to many FLUME  systems already in operation without much hardware effort.

Hoppe Marine has  installed the system  for  the  first  time  on  a CMA CGM  15,000  TEU container ship.