Ankron offers discounts on water sampling and analysis to certified ships

Ankron offers discounts on water sampling and analysis to certified ships
Left to right: Mr. Jan Fransen, executive director of Green Award Foundation and Mr Erik Köster, managing director of Ankron.

German provider of testing and consulting Ankron Water Services has joined the Green Award Foundation to provide certified ships with a 5 per cent discount on all their water sampling and analysis.

Ankron supports shipowners, manufacturers and authorities in meeting international standards in development, type approval and proper operation of water treatment plants and related equipment.

The network of ports, ship managers, charterers, maritime service providers and authorities set up by Green Award aims to raise awareness of sustainable and environmentally friendly shipping and to increase motivation to take appropriate action.

As an incentive provider, Ankron identifies with the core values of Green Award and supports the common goal of promoting environmental protection, quality and safety in shipping by complying with the applicable standards at a technically high level.

Erik Köster, managing director of Ankron Water Services, said: “We are happy and excited to join the Green Award initiative as incentive provider and are looking forward to bringing our knowledge and expertise with water related developments to the network. We are anxious to spread and live up to the values of Green Award to ensure compliance with, or even exceed regulatory discharge standards for water treatment systems and reward and support those doing so.”