Chevron Shipping embarks on maintenance optimisation journey with ABS

Chevron Shipping embarks on maintenance optimisation journey with ABS

Chevron Shipping Company has embarked on a digital fleet management journey with ABS. The company’s suezmax lightering vessel Pegasus Voyager is the first vessel in Chevron’s fleet to receive the ABS maintenance optimisation notation SMART-MHM (Machinery Health Monitoring).

The Pegasus Voyager marks the first of 28 vessels in the Chevron fleet to roll out condition-based maintenance with ABS’ help. The Polaris Voyager is on course to receive the notation soon with more vessels to follow.

Chevron’s Asset Integrity team and the ABS Digital Solutions team are working closely on digital strategies to drive enhanced risk management, streamline the class interface and increase asset availability.

“Together, ABS and Chevron are shaping the next generation of maintenance methodologies, delivering future class services and driving the evolution of maritime safety in a digital world. As a leader in maritime digital technologies, ABS is proud to be working with industry leaders such as Chevron to challenge traditional approaches and develop advanced services for the benefit of our clients and members,” said Kash Mahmood, ABS senior vice president, Digital Solutions.

“We value the opportunity to partner with ABS and further utilise the investment Chevron Shipping has made with predictive maintenance tools. The ABS Smart Function approved technology provided by the DEI Group is installed on twenty of Chevron’s vessels and clearly demonstrating value. The system provides visibility into equipment health that is unavailable with any other monitoring systems allowing us to quickly identify and act on degrading conditions. Not only do these tools make our vessels more reliable, but they also reduce our costs by avoiding expensive equipment failures,” commented Steve Brady, asset integrity manager, Chevron Shipping.