ShipNet launches new SaaS-based dry-docking solution

ShipNet launches new SaaS-based dry-docking solution

ShipNet has launched its new Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Dry-Docking Software to help companies plan and manage projects relating to the technical aspects of dry-docking.

ShipNet reports that dry-docking can cost hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars (sometimes millions) to maintain a vessel in a standardised working condition. Without an integrated project management solution, fleet management, technical teams, and related purchasing departments resort to make-do tools (such as word, excel, or disconnected third-party applications). These disconnected methods only add and increase the administrative burden to an already time & cost-sensitive project. It becomes impossible for project teams to plan, manage, deliver, and report for a dry-dock project on time and budget.

ShipNet’s Dry-Docking Software is a planning and project management solution for technical managers, fleet managers, and superintendents related to any projects that involve the handling of technical specifications.

The user-friendly solution captures all the necessary information and follows the process of planning for and executing complex projects such as dry-docking and repairs. This includes preparing specifications or managing shipyard quotations, or making progress on associated jobs.

“Before joining ShipNet to help evolve our product and service offerings to shipping companies, I was a seafarer sailing as a dual officer onboard ships where I had been involved in multiple dry-docking projects throughout my sailing career. Additionally, I had also been involved in multiple dry-docks as a vessel owner. I am excited to be a part of this product launch, where the team has performed a tremendous task in such a short timeframe, in creating our first Dry-Docking solution that aims to address the most common challenges faced in the industry today,” said ShipNet product director, Basujit Chakravarty, who oversaw the project.

ShipNet CEO Aden Hopkins commented: “The release of our new Dry-Docking Software is incredibly exciting because the process of putting a ship through a dry-dock requires collaboration, from multiple stakeholders, across different disciplines. This SAAS, web-based solution, built on modern architecture, designed to integrate with any existing fleet management platforms, enables our customers to become experts in marshaling data and maximizing productivity, quickly and accurately, with its near-zero learning curve.”

The software is the latest addition to ShipNet’s portfolio of Fleet Management Solutions made up of Technical XE, Safety XE, and Procurement XE, connected as part of the ShipNetONE Platform.

The solution has no upfront installation and is a web-based application, enabling immediate use.

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