Managing dry dockings with Maindeck

Managing dry dockings with Maindeck
Sasan Mameghani, co-founder and CEO of Maindeck.

Maindeck of Oslo, Norway, helps superintendents and technical managers to plan dry dockings. The company’s software facilitates activity management, assists with effective communication across the team, and helps superintendents to stay on top of tasks during a ship’s yard stay, avoiding delays and cost overruns. Vaida Stockunaite, contributing editor of VPO Global spoke with Sasan Mameghani, co-founder and CEO of Maindeck.

Maindeck focuses on simplicity of software and user experience. It aims to deliver a product that is simple and intuitive to use, not only for the superintendent but all external users such as a shipyard or service provider. The software ensures traceability and visibility to allow the superintendent to see what is going on and avoid costly surprises.

Maindeck claims that a combination of minor details and the way it handles data makes its software easy to use. The software enables superintendents to work seamlessly with crew – adding work orders and following up on progress, and specifying all project aspects and reusing them or exporting them in various formats during the entire process.

Maindeck currently uses a smart function that scans the specification and suggests details that might be missing from the text. Quality specifications that include all details prevent additional costs later. Specifications are long documents often consisting of 200 pages. While it’s easy for superintendents to forget occasional important details, in this case the software can remind them what not to miss out.

In the project execution phase, superintendents can stay on top of daily reporting, progress updates, and variation orders.  Maindeck’s mobile app has a full offline functionality and allows image capture or to write as much text as needed. On Maindeck everything is real-time; you see when a colleague logs in or you can integrate a Microsoft teams chat.

Maindeck sees many docking updates being shared via the app as the sender is always sure that the right person gets it in time. Last year during one dry docking, 350 updates with photos and notes were shared from the technical superintendent, vessel crew, shipyard, and service providers.

In a project closing stage superintendents have tools to compare final and projected costs to make sure shipyards don’t overcharge.

In Maindeck, a final report is created by dragging and dropping different modules of progress reports, images, summary tables and text templates that are provided.

Maindeck frees up a lot of time for superintendents that currently goes into chasing for things. They can avoid the “blame game” in case of delays thanks to traceability in the system. Sasan Mameghani, co-founder & CEO of Maindeck says, “It’s easier to solve any disagreements as they happen but not days later when the ship leaves the yard”.

This article is was originally published in the Digital Ship August/September issue. Click here to download.