Pangaea rolls out voyage optimisation solution by Nautilus

Pangaea rolls out voyage optimisation solution by Nautilus
Nautilus Labs’ fleet dashboard

Nautilus Labs and owner/operator Pangaea Logistics Solutions have expanded their partnership to roll out Nautilus Labs’ voyage optimisation solution across a larger part of Pangaea’s fleet of bulk carriers.

Pangaea and Nautilus began their initial collaboration in October 2018 and have since committed to expanding it to 12 vessels in Pangaea’s fleet. According to Pangaea, the operator wanted a solution that allows reliable capture of high frequency vessel data, analysis of fleet performance in real-time, and sending of operating recommendations to ships and operators to optimise each voyage’s outcome. Nautilus’s decision support solution has uncovered significant operational efficiencies for the bulk owner/operator, and Pangaea is in the process of deploying the Nautilus solution and optimisation benefits across the rest of the fleet.

Mads Petersen, managing director at Pangaea’s Nordic Bulk Carriers, said, “We are excited to work with Nautilus in implementing their platform into our operations to be able to harness, and effectively use, the performance data accumulated across our fleet. This is an important step towards reducing the emissions from our operations by optimizing vessels routing and speed, and in turn expand our industry leading TCE earnings premiums.”

Matt Heider, CEO at Nautilus Labs, commented: “While the shipping industry is extremely data rich, unfortunately, many companies still can’t process and analyse this data in a useful way. By partnering closely with Pangaea, Nautilus helps to empower operators and crew with smart operating recommendations powered by our machine learning models that uncover meaningful savings, driving them one step closer to achieving operational excellence. We’re proud to be expanding our partnership with such an innovative and forward-thinking company.”