Tracking progress of maintenance projects

Tracking progress of maintenance projects

Werktools has created an app that enables any worker providing maintenance services outside to complete the job and communicate with offices efficiently.

Werktools of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has developed an app that focuses primarily on the needs of maintenance professionals. It’s a single tool that a worker uses to provide information for himself and third parties, and to provide higher up management with information about the work that is being carried out onsite.

Werktools plans to run a pilot with IHC Holland that owns dredging vessels and can fulfil industry requirements to work with maritime clients.

Today, maintenance professionals such as service engineers, supervisors and inspectors have a growing number of apps on their mobile devices, all of which function differently and are designed for a specific process.

“We understood that these are good apps and work well, but they are very much defined based on what safety management needs, so people outside are not very happy with those kinds of solutions. Especially if they will have not only safety, but ERP, quality, and other apps”, Paul de Vries, co-founder of Werktools told us.

Today, the apps that maintenance staff use the most to communicate with offices are cameras, WhatsApp and email. They are required to send information to different parties, but after some time it is not always easy to remember who they have sent the messages to and if they were received by the recipient. The recipients often also don’t know the context of the message, which makes it difficult to provide appropriate support.

Werktools is a generic tool that maintenance professionals can use to record problems that arise during maintenance work or inspection. By adding photos or data, indicating their location, providing a voice note instead of writing a text on a mobile phone, maintenance professionals can create daily and weekly reports for the office much faster than the manual process of writing in a word document and filling out safety and quality forms. In addition, the tool allows them to write brief notes and set tasks for themselves to help them man-age their workload.

To use Werktools, the app on Appstore must be downloaded. Once downloaded, the app can be used in offline mode. One of the components is a mobile app, and the other is software in a cloud accessible from anywhere.

According to Werktools, maintenance professionals who have used the tool have provided positive feedback. The tool has been reported as easy to use, which Werktools says is due to the fact that it has been specifically designed for maintenance professionals, eliminating the administrative burden. The tool enables management to obtain a higher frequency of updates at a faster rate, without manually chasing for these. Werktools can be useful for shipping companies for ship and shore communication and also for industry service providers.

Werktools’ app enables any worker providing maintenance services outside to complete the job and communicate with offices efficiently.