Alfa Laval targets methane slip with new solution

Alfa Laval targets methane slip with new solution
Alfa Laval PureCool, part of WinGD’s iCER technology on WinGD X-DF engines. Image courtesy of Alfa Laval.

Alfa Laval has added a new solution to its Pure Thinking portfolio, targeting methane slip from LNG engines.

The new Alfa Laval PureCool system targets the small percentage of unburned methane that escapes through the engine when LNG is used as fuel. Although no regulations currently exist for it, there is growing awareness of methane slip’s climate impact.

Realised in partnership with engine developer WinGD, it is the main component of iCER technology, an option for next-generation WinGD X-DF engines where exhaust gas is recirculated at low pressure. With PureCool as the vital cascade exhaust gas cooling system, iCER slashes methane slip by up to 50 per cent ­– while creating a 3 per cent gain in fuel efficiency.

“LNG is proving an important bridge fuel in the transition to a zero-carbon future,” said Søren Hjorth Krarup, business unit president. “When combusted, LNG releases less CO2 than other fossil fuels. However, methane has a higher global warming potential than CO2, which makes the unburned fraction a concern. Regulations may or may not appear, but methane slip must be addressed if we are to reach a 50 per cent reduction in marine greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

Sameer Kalra, president, Alfa Laval Marine Division, commented: “Partnerships can bring the dramatic results needed to fight climate change. This is why Alfa Laval joined the Getting to Zero Coalition, and it is why we pursue joint projects with suppliers and research partners at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre. By pulling together across the industry, we can solve our planet’s problems while protecting – or even improving – vessel operations and economy.”

PureCool fits neatly alongside Alfa Laval PureBallast (ballast water treatment), PureBilge (bilge water treatment), PureNOx LS & HS (NOx abatement), PureSOx (SO abatement) and PureVent (crankcase gas cleaning). However, it is the first Pure Thinking solution specifically for LNG and a new fuel era.