Cavotec e-charging system chosen for autonomous battery-powered ships

Cavotec e-charging system chosen for autonomous battery-powered ships
Image courtesy of Cavotec.

Cavotec has been chosen to supply automated e-charging systems for the world’s first fleet of zero-emission, autonomous battery powered ships in Norway. The company has also been chosen to supply automated vacuum mooring systems for ports in Australia and New Zealand.

Automated mooring will maximise operational availability, reduce infrastructure costs, and improve safety, and automated vessel e-charging will enable significant reductions in environmental impact. These projects have a combined order value of approximately EUR 6.5 million.

For New Zealand’s Napier Port, Cavotec will design, supply and commission a multi-unit MoorMaster system as part of an expansion project that includes a new wharf.

“Our investment in MoorMaster will maximise berth availability: the time vessels can spend loading and unloading at the new 6 Wharf. If not for MoorMaster, we would need to invest in an expensive extension of the breakwater which still would not let us use the berth as many days per year as we want,” said Michel de Vos general manager infrastructure services at Port of Napier.

“Furthermore, MoorMaster will let us make more of every minute the ships are at berth. The system’s ability to reduce vessel motion will not only increase box rate, but also allow us to safely handle larger ships – even under adverse environmental conditions including infragravity waves. We looked at all other mooring options, but ultimately chose MoorMaster based on performance demonstrated through rigorous modelling and backed up by positive references.”

Cavotec has also secured a second order for its new generation of MoorMaster, the NxG, which was launched in October. The order, for a Ro/Ro application in Australia, includes engineering, supply, and commissioning.

“These two orders again demonstrate the role MoorMaster will play in the port of the future. We have long seen the transformative benefits MoorMaster can have for the end-to-end maritime supply chain, and with MoorMaster NxG – launched just weeks ago – the technology can now be easily introduced at many more ports worldwide,” commented Patrick Mares, president Cavotec Ports and Maritime.

Cavotec has also received an order for the engineering, supply, and commissioning of two automated charging systems for the world’s first autonomous, zero-emission e-vessels. ASKO Maritime – the shipping arm of Norwegian grocery distributor ASKO – is to introduce the fully electric vessels to connect two sites across the Oslo Fjord, thereby replacing two million kilometres of truck transport and saving 5,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

As announced in October, ASKO Maritime has also selected MoorMaster NxG to moor the vessels in port. This means Cavotec will supply an integrated system to both moor and charge the vessels within seconds of their arrival in port.

“This is a perfect example of how Cavotec delivers the solutions of the future, today. We could not be prouder of being a key enabler of the evolution towards the future of shipping and being a partner of ASKO is a first major step,” Mr Mares added.