i4 Insight adds LAROS sensor data to fleet operations platform

i4 Insight adds LAROS sensor data to fleet operations platform
LAROS sensor hardware units. Image courtesy of i4 Insight.

i4 Insight, creators of a platform that ingests data from multiple maritime sources and provides a comprehensive outcome based on fleet operations improvement, is partnering with Prisma Electronics. The partnership will see Prisma’s LAROS sensor hardware data integrated into the i4 Insight platform to help charterers, owners and operators achieve greater operational efficiency and lower operational expenditure.

From left to right: Christos Giordamlis, Prisma Electronics CEO and Joel Meltzner, CEO of i4 Insight, a Lloyd’s Register company, at the signing ceremony. Image courtesy of i4 Insight.

The LAROS solution has wireless high-frequency sensors and collectors, known as Quax units, collecting real-time vessel performance data. i4 Insight then ingests, monitors and aggregates the data with other data sources, providing customers with the ability to improve decision-making and operational performance.

“We are very pleased with our cooperation with i4 Insight as this will provide the maritime companies with reliable decision-making tools to improve their operational excellence,” said Christos Giordamlis, Prisma Electronics chief executive officer. “i4 Insight is the ideal platform that fully utilises LAROS structured data in an unprecedented manner offering unparalleled value to its users.”

“We chose to work with Prisma Electronics due to their proven track record and experience in collecting real-time, high-frequency vessel sensor data,” said Joel Meltzner, chief executive officer of i4 Insight, a Lloyd’s Register company.

“Partnership is an integral component of our success which is why we created the ‘i4 Alliance’ comprised of leading maritime industry partners across the globe. The goal is to provide an integrated set of products & services that help companies drive increased efficiency into their operations, and the reliable data gathered by the LAROS sensors allows us to help our customers reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs.”