NSB Group and STX Engine partner up to offer faster engine overhauls

NSB Group and STX Engine partner up to offer faster engine overhauls

NSB Group and the Korean engine manufacturer STX Engine signed a cooperation agreement. The two companies are now offering a jointly developed technical service. It allows overhauls of auxiliary engines on board of vessels to be performed cheaper and faster.

Buxtehude/Busan – The signed cooperation agreement between the NSB Group and STX Engine is an important step in the collaboration between the two companies. In a festive ceremony which took place online between Germany and Korea, representatives of both
partners emphasised the importance of the cooperation.

Tim Ponath, chief executive officer of Reederei NSB said: “Korea is of special importance for the NSB Group. The majority of our fleet was built there and furthermore our first foreign subsidiary was opened in Korea. We are happy to have strengthened our long-standing
and trustful partnership with STX Engine and to have expanded our product range as maritime service providers jointly.”

J.G. Kim, managing director of the service department of STX Engine explained: “I am convinced that this cooperation agreement is a meaningful milestone for both companies on their common path. It creates a strong foundation for our partnership to further expand our
cooperation. I would like to thank all those involved from STX Engine and the NSB Group for the friendly atmosphere in which this cooperation was developed.”

In a first step, NSB Group and STX Engine are offering a new service for the overhaul of auxiliary engines. The necessary coordination of technicians, tools and spare parts is time consuming, while the work itself is associated with high costs.

“We have tackled this problem together with STX Engine,” said Thomas Baek, managing director of Asia Marine Busan (AMB) – Member of the NSB Group. “By accelerating processes and highly qualified reconditioning of parts on shore, we are creating a faster and more cost effective service for our customers”.

AMB, based in Korea, is the project-leading partner of this cooperation.