Equinor rolls out Yxney software for data driven decarbonisation

Equinor rolls out Yxney software for data driven decarbonisation
Simen Sanna Gjord – co-founder & CEO

Norwegian energy major Equinor has signed a deal with Yxney to roll out the Maress software for data driven decarbonisation for their chartered offshore service fleet operating in Norway.

Maress will be used to track the footprint and efficiency of Equinor’s chartered fleet of PSVs and AHTS´ operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The fleet chartered by Equinor Marine Operations on medium and long-term contracts currently numbers around 30 vessels. The agreement with Yxney has a two-year duration, with an option to extend.

“Maress will allow Equinor to follow the effect of efficiency measures and facilitate systematic improvements and best practice across the various ship owners in the chartered fleet,” said Yxney CEO Gjord Simen Sanna.

“Maress can help Equinor and the ship owners to gain a deeper understanding of the emissions reductions achieved by battery installation, and how batteries impact fuel consumption in the various areas of operation.”

The new contract indicates Equinor’s commitment to halving its maritime emissions in Norway by 2030 compared with 2005, and globally by 2050, compared with 2008. These ambitions are embedded in the company’s climate roadmap that were launched earlier this year. Using Maress to facilitate close cooperation with the vessel owners and suppliers of innovative technology will enable Equinor to unlock significant fuel and emissions savings.

Mr Sanna reports that the combined savings of the 250+ vessels using Maress globally in 2020 will be in excess of 50,000 tons of CO2. “This is clear evidence of the effectiveness of data-driven decarbonisation, and the contribution to greener shipping that Maress can provide for ship owners and operators.”