Hempel reports 7.6M tonnes of fuel savings from Hempaguard X7 coating

Hempel reports 7.6M tonnes of fuel savings from Hempaguard X7 coating

Hempel has announced the completion of 2,000 vessel applications of Hempaguard X7, a hull coating that has reportedly helped shipowners to reduce fuel consumption by 7.6 million tonnes, lowering fuel costs by at least USD 2.6 billion and CO2 emissions by 23.5 million tons.

Since its launch in 2013, the Hempaguard X7 hull coating has been applied over 2,000 times. Hempel has continuously documented Hempaguard X7’s ability to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for shipowners, and now the exact impact has been calculated.

Michael Hansen, executive vice president & chief commercial officer, said: “Reaching this important milestone of 2,000 full ship applications in just seven years proves the value of the solution for our customers. Simultaneously, it emphasises the importance of developing solutions that help our customers deliver on their sustainability agendas while also reducing their costs tremendously. One of the key elements in our new strategy is to contribute to a more sustainable direction in the world. Solutions like Hempaguard will be essential to that.”

Hempaguard X7 is based on Hempel’s patented Actiguard technology, which combines the smoothness of a silicone coating with efficient fouling preventing biocides in a single coat. Hempaguard X7 was reportedly the first fouling defence coating to use this innovative technology.

“By delivering fuel savings of at least USD 2.6 billion and reducing CO2 emissions by 23.5 million tons – equivalent to the emissions from 1.2 million passenger cars per year since 2013 – we’ve confirmed our position within fuel reducing coatings, fouling defence systems and hull coatings. I’m proud to say that we lead the way in documented fuel efficiency in the marine industry,” said Mr Hansen.

The 2,000th application of Hempaguard X7 was completed on the TORM Titan.

The savings related to the 2,000 vessel applications have been calculated by evaluating each vessel individually. For each ship coated with Hempaguard X7, Hempel estimated the actual yearly consumption using numbers from the Fourth IMO GHG Study 2020. The IMO consumption estimates are based on voyage data for all ships and consists of yearly averages divided into ship types.