Blueflow launches emission monitor

Blueflow launches emission monitor
A ship enters an ECA. Blueflow automatically detects and reports if emission limits are exceeded. Image courtesy of Blueflow

Blueflow Energy Management has launched a new function, the Blueflow Emission Monitor, which delivers a complete tool for compliance monitoring and emission reporting.

The tool supports local Emission Control Areas (ECAs) and Sulphur ECAs. A vessel’s momentary emissions are compared with the applicable ECA limits, and instant alarms are sent if the limits are exceeded. Onboard the ship, the crew are alerted well in advance of an ECA area, giving them time to prepare and take appropriate actions.

The module is an integrated part of the standard Blueflow online 3.0 system, and combined together, they provide full control of a fleet’s fuel and energy consumption as well as emissions.

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