Boomsma Shipping commits to wind power with Econowind installation

Boomsma Shipping commits to wind power with Econowind installation
Two wind-assisted VentiFoil units have been installed on the Frisian Sea. Image courtesy of Boomsma Shipping

Boomsma Shipping has installed two wind-assisted VentiFoil units from Netherlands-based Econowind .

The units have been fitted to one of Boomsma’s vessels, the Frisian Sea. The vessel is currently on its way to Sweden, during which Econowind (Conoship International) is doing the start-up tests. The coming month will be used to optimise the system and operations and train the crew.

The Econowind -units are both integrated in a specially designed Flatrack from which a folding VentiFoil can be deployed, these are ridged aspirated wing profiles acting as sails.

The Flatrack is designed to optimise the handling of the VentiFoils. The VentiFoils (Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion Units) by Econowind are designed as optimal compact (non-rotating) wing profiles, creating superior thrust by means of the principle of boundary-layer-suction, for which ventilators are mounted inside the VentiFoils. Due to the generated thrust by the Econowind -unit, the thrust of the propeller can be reduced to maintain the same speed leading to fuel savings and emission reductions.

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