Hyundai partners with ABB on engine performance optimisation software

Hyundai partners with ABB on engine performance optimisation software
HGS Digital Innovation Centre. ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT integrated in the monitoring systems (ISS/DATS) to monitor and analyse engine performance.

Hyundai Global Services (HGS) has partnered with ABB to offer ABB’s Tekomar XPERT engine performance optimisation software.

Under the agreement, HGS will recommend the solution as an enhancement option for all vessels built by Hyundai Heavy Industries from 2018.

ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT uses advanced modelling based on operational data to optimise engine performance. The combination of Tekomar XPERT’s analytic capabilities and input from Hyundai’s own onboard data systems – Integrated Smartship Solution (ISS) and DATS – will enable ship operators to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and achieve optimal engine performance.

A statement published by Hyundai Global Service read: “Hyundai Global Service aims to provide an integrated smart ship environment for optimising operational efficiency. By combining high-quality and reliable data insight from Tekomar XPERT with our best-in-class proprietary systems, ISS and DATS, we are taking a leap forward in the way ship engines are serviced.”

“We are delighted to have received this recognition from one of the world’s biggest shipbuilders and a leading engine OEM,” said Cristian Corotto, global head of digital customer solutions, ABB Turbocharging. “Harnessing the combined data solutions from ABB and Hyundai will improve the capabilities of ship operators to transform their engine data into actionable insights.”

The agreement follows a pilot project in 2019 in which Hyundai Global Services worked with a satellite communications company to provide remote support services to its customers’ vessels. At the same time, the company deployed Tekomar XPERT to provide deeper insights on engine performance from data gathered via Hyundai’s Integrated Smartship Solution platform.

Tekomar XPERT is fully compatible with Hyundai’s ISS and DATS systems – as well as solutions from other OEMs, shipbuilders and platform providers – thanks to the recent introduction of a continuous performance evaluation function that enables Tekomar XPERT to process data from edge computing platforms.