K Line adopts Bearing AI data analysis technology

K Line adopts Bearing AI data analysis technology
Data Analysing by AI. Image courtesy of K Line.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) is rolling out Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by Bearing for 300+ ships using the ICT system Kawasaki Integrated Maritime Solutions.

By combining high-quality data collection technology by K LINE and Bearing’s AI technology, performance evaluation accuracy will be improved. Adopting AI data analysis technology is also expected to improve environmental load reduction.

Accurate evaluation of vessel operational performance in the actual sea area is highly important for enhancing economical operations and environmental friendly measures. With existing IoT technologies, certain level of operational performance evaluation with a certain accuracy using big data obtained in real time is still possible, but further improvement in accuracy is necessary in the shipping, shipbuilding, and marine equipment industries.

K Line reports that for many years it has focused on collection of high-quality data and advanced data analysis technology as well as making efforts to improve the accuracy of performance evaluation technology. As a part of this, from the end of 2019, K Line has conducted a demonstration experiment to verify and evaluate data analysis technology by AI developed by Bearing. As a result, K Line reports that it has seen significantly higher accuracy compared with existing performance evaluation technology.

In the future, by utilising Bearing’s technology and high quality operational data, K Line expects to not only accurately grasp the operational performance of each vessel in the actual sea area and use it for operational management, but also accurately evaluate various fuel reduction efforts in both software and hardware, improve operational performance and advance ship management.