Thrusterleader selects Reygar for survey vessel dynamic positioning systems

Thrusterleader selects Reygar for survey vessel dynamic positioning systems
A screenshot of Reygar’s StemTIDE dynamic positioning control system.

Shanghai-based supplier of marine propulsion systems, Thrusterleader, has selected Reygar’s StemTIDE dynamic positioning control system for a second survey vessel.

In challenging maritime conditions, an advanced dynamic positioning system paired with a reliable propulsion system is of critical importance to achieving maximum operational efficiency and safety, particularly for survey vessels which must maintain their position while surveying regardless of tidal, weather and sea state conditions.

Reygar’s StemTIDE technology combined with Thrusterleader’s propulsion system, which comprises twin 600kW azimuth thrusters and a single 200kW bow thruster, will allow the crew to maintain single joystick or fully automatic position and heading control. Operating survey vessels using dynamic positioning reduces unnecessary fuel use and wear and tear on the vessel’s propulsion equipment, while reducing strain on the crew as they keep the vessel in position.

Chris Huxley-Reynard, managing director, Reygar, said: “Survey vessels carry out critical operations in support of multiple industries, from seabed mapping through to salvage and research operations, therefore it is essential that the crew are able to carry out this work safely and to the best of their ability regardless of environmental conditions, whilst ensuring operations are as efficient and sustainable as possible.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with Thrusterleader with this multi-vessel deal. It represents an important stepping stone in our ambition to broaden the technical scope of Reygar’s marine monitoring and control products, at a global scale.”

Yuzhuo Cao, managing director, Thrusterleader, said: “We are delighted to extend our relationship with Reygar for a second dynamic positioning system. Reygar’s extensive heritage in marine engineering and reputation for innovation supports our production of versatile, reliable propulsion systems that meet our client’s needs.”