LNG carrier achieves 6.6 per cent fuel savings with Silverstream system

LNG carrier achieves 6.6 per cent fuel savings with Silverstream system
The Methane Patricia Camila

Silverstream Technologies’ air lubrication system has achieved 6.6 per cent fuel savings onboard a Shell-chartered LNG carrier. 

The 170,000 cbm Methane Patricia Camila carried out normal operations and the technology was tested at various speeds to calculate fuel and emissions savings. The System was successfully retrofitted on the 2010-built LNGC during its October 2020 planned dry docking at the Sembcorp Marine Admiralty Shipyard in Singapore.

The Silverstream System produces a thin layer of microbubbles along the full flat bottom of the vessel, reducing frictional resistance between the water and the hull.

The project was installed within the planned dry docking period, and was delivered on budget. From design through to installation the System was reviewed and approved by ABS in accordance with their guidance note for Air Lubrication Technology.

Noah Silberschmidt, founder & CEO, Silverstream Technologies, said: “It is great to announce that retrofitting the Silverstream System onboard the Methane Patricia Camila has already had a significant positive impact on fuel consumption and emissions, with 6.6 per cent savings verified during initial testing. We’d like to thank our colleagues and partners at Shell for their confidence in our technology, and also for their vision and commitment to pioneer proven clean technologies within shipping.

“Shipping requires solutions to solve the decarbonisation challenge today. With fuel bills only set to rise in the future, owners need to invest in fuel-agnostic technologies that are proven to save costs and emissions, without impacting the flexibility or profitability of the vessel. We are proud of the role that our technology can play to solve this challenge.”