Ports in Sweden and Finland share ship arrival data

Ports in Sweden and Finland share ship arrival data

The Port of Gävlein in Sweden and the Port of and Rauma in Finland have implemented a Port Activity App for sharing operational key timestamps among port call actors to improve planning and reduce idle time.

The Port of Gävle is using it as a basis for a Just-in-Time project for tankers, while the Finnish port is rolling out the solution to more ports through a Software-as-a-Service solution from FinTraffic. The solution has been operational since November 2020.

“Sharing a good estimate in real-time for ship arrival and cargo completion, makes everybody´s planning easier. Port actors have reduced their idle time and can use all resources more efficiently. Having the information at the fingertips through our app feels like a natural part of a modern working life,” said Katja Kujala, office manager at the Port of Rauma.

Torbjörn Henriksson, project manager at the Port of Gävle explained: “We have had a diving company doing major work in the harbour area. They set the new Port Activity App to send automatic notifications 30 minutes before ship arrival, which gave them plenty of time to get divers out of the water before having ships manoeuvring nearby. Our solution that was designed to improve efficiency has suddenly become a safety device as well.”

All Finnish commercial ports are being offered the app through a solution provided by FinTraffic.

Olli Soininen, program manager at FinTraffic said: “The benefits for all actors involved in the port call are obvious, so we decided to act to improve the process of maritime transportation in all of Finland.”

Pilots and VTS in the archipelagos between Sweden and Finland have tried a solution that gives a much earlier heads-up for meetings in the narrow fairways. Pilots can adjust speed sooner and optimise the meeting points, choosing places where the fairway is relatively wide. Håkan Heurlin, project manager at the Swedish Maritime Administration said: “We are now discussing how to move the solution into standard operations and analyse in which other areas in Sweden we should use it.”