Ulstein to design fossil fuel free X-BOW container ship

Ulstein to design fossil fuel free X-BOW container ship

EDGE Navigation has chosen Ulstein Design & Solutions to partner in developing a container vessel with the patented X-BOW hull lines for non-fossil propulsion. 

Jakob Tolstrup-Møller, managing director,  CEO at EDGE Navigation, explained: “An energy efficient design is fundamental to all new containership designs. Energy efficiency will be a key component to making the energy transition happen and with Ulstein and we have a partner with a strong track record for innovative designs, including their proven X-BOW solution. Less power needed per container under a wider range of operating scenarios due to the X-BOW will lower the bar for switching into Green Energy propulsion.”

“This assignment is an ideal project for Ulstein”, said Lars Ståle Skoge, commercial director at Ulstein Design & Solutions. “One of our core values is sustainable growth, and in this project, we develop further the design of container vessels e.g. by using non-fossil fuel propulsion as well as the energy-efficient X-BOW hull design, to achieve the goal of green maritime transport”.

The duo first engaged in talks about X-BOW container vessels more than ten years ago.

“Container transportation is an integral part of the global economy affecting the daily life of all directly or indirectly. The energy transition will force a paradigm shift in the maritime industry as shippers / cargo-owners look to eliminate emissions. Consequently, we need to innovate by adapting and combining technology towards achieving zero-emission powering. Given the paramount need to provide for efficient use of energy, the X-BOW is an optimal design solution, and we are working very closely with Ulstein Design & Solutions now to develop an efficient design that allows for innovative green energy power solutions,” said Mr Tolstrup-Møller.