NAPA and CADMATIC co-develop intelligent ship design solution

NAPA and CADMATIC co-develop intelligent ship design solution
The integrated NAPA-CADMATIC solution covers naval architecture and all design phases all the way up to construction, operation and retrofits.

3D-based design, engineering, and information management software solutions provider CADMATIC and the maritime software, services and data analysis provider, NAPA, have announced a new integrated, intelligent ship design software solution to enhance the design process for shipyards and ship design companies.

The solution combines proven design tools to fulfill users’ requirements for comprehensive software covering the entire ship lifecycle from newbuilding projects to retrofits and conversions. The integrated solution offers a tool for naval architecture, basic and detail design, through to ship production and delivery. The integrated offering combines the most effective solutions for each discipline within the design process.

The joint offering optimises ship design, engineering and production processes and leverages the power of digital transformation to streamline the design process; effectively consolidating data and creating a greater platform for collaboration and enabling the use of digital twins from the beginning of a project.

The Intelligent Ship Design solution enables successful execution of complex design challenges, like 3D model-based class approval, and collaboration across large multi-site projects while saving time and costs by avoiding the duplication of information across different systems. The solution will subsequently enable customers to win more contracts and fully realise the commercial success of these projects.

“Together with NAPA, we have the most extensive experience within the market to improve the efficiency and profitability of the shipbuilding industry. We have a long history in shipbuilding and most shipyards and ship design companies in the world trust our advanced solutions and deep knowhow. I’m very excited about this opportunity to combine the forces of the two most advanced software solutions for the benefit of our existing and new clients,” said Jukka Rantala, CEO at CADMATIC.

Mikko Kuosa, CEO at NAPA, added: ”We strongly believe that by combining the best elements of both NAPA and CADMATIC, we are creating a superior solution that encompasses all the key aspects of ship design and delivers the benefits of a fully 3D based design approach from the early stages all the way to production.”