Rederi Ab Eckerö signs renews maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä

Rederi Ab Eckerö signs renews maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä
Four of the Rederi Ab Eckerö vessels covered by the renewed Wärtsilä maintenance agreement; top left the m.s. Eckerö, top right the m.s. Finlandia, bottom left the m.s. Finbo Cargo, and bottom right the m.s. Transporter. Image courtesy of Rederi Ab Eckerö.

Finnish shipping group Rederi Ab Eckerö has renewed for the second time its optimised maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä.

Under the terms of this latest 5-year agreement, Wärtsilä will be responsible for maintenance of the main and auxiliary engines in six vessels within the customer’s fleet.

The agreement is designed to ensure that the contracted vessels’ engines operate safely and with optimal fuel efficiency, and that downtime and unplanned maintenance are minimised. Annual performance audits aimed at ensuring optimal operating efficiency will be carried out. The agreement also provides full cost predictability with fixed fees for the ships’ maintenance activities over a five-year period. The vessels covered include both ferries and cargo ships.

“Our policy is to make every effort to maximise the operating efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of our ships. By working closely with Wärtsilä, who as the manufacturer of the engines is best qualified to maintain them, we are supporting and strengthening this policy,” said Daniel Olsén technical manager, Rederi Ab Eckerö.

“Renewing our agreement for the second time gives a clear indication that the customer is satisfied with the tailor-made services & solutions we deliver. Optimised Maintenance agreement are an important element of Wärtsilä’s Lifecycle Solutions approach to supporting and enhancing our customers’ business performance,” said Markus Nyström, senior account manager, Wärtsilä Marine Power.

The agreement was signed in May 2021.