Longchamp partners with Neoline for greener sailing

Longchamp partners with Neoline for greener sailing

Longchamp has signed up to Neoline’s maritime transport service that uses sail-powered vessels to transport goods. The partnership will enable Longchamp to cut emissions on its transatlantic shipping route.

Neoline’s sail solution allows cargo ships to achieve a commercial speed of 11 knots, propelling ships by the wind with 4200m² of sails to reduce emissions by up to 90 per cent[1].

Longchamp will entrust Neoline with the transportation of at least 50 per cent of its annual volume of containers between France and the United States from the start of the service scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Within the framework of a bi-monthly service (with the commissioning of the second vessel on the transatlantic line) and after a first test phase at 50 per cent of the annual export volume, Longchamp will study the possibility of increasing the share of freight entrusted to Neoline .

“We are particularly pleased with this partnership with Neoline, which, in a very poetic way, allows us to reduce our carbon emissions. This project is close to my heart because my father, who developed Longchamp for more than half a century, made numerous transatlantic voyages in the 1950s which contributed to his passion for the sea,” said Jean Cassegrain, chief executive of Longchamp.

“Today, our company is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Thus, for our collections we are increasingly using fabrics woven from recycled plastic waste. By giving a second life to this waste, for example plastic bottles or fishing nets, we contribute to preventing them from polluting the oceans and reducing our consumption of non-renewable resources.

“Taking advantage of a cleaner mode of transportation, such as the one offered by Neoline, allows us to go even further in this approach and to reduce our carbon footprint even more: how could we dream of a more elegant means of transportation?”

Jean Zanuttini, president of NEOLINE Développement, said: “We are very proud of this agreement concluded with Longchamp aiming at transporting its leather goods in containers from France to the United States. This agreement with a prestigious local player will also allow them to load in a port closer to their production sites.”

[1] Compared to a conventional vessel of the same size operating at 15 knots on the same line