KPI OceanConnect launches future fuels division

KPI OceanConnect launches future fuels division
Alternative fuels and special projects division will be led by veteran expert Bill Wakeling.

KPI OceanConnect has launched its alternative fuels and special projects division to enhance its counterparts’ ability to achieve their sustainability ambitions.

Bill Wakeling, an expert in marine fuels, will lead the new offering. He will lead on all matters relating to alternative fuels and decarbonisation, as well as exploring opportunities for new ventures and projects. With his rich experience in marine fuels, Bill is well-positioned to lead this new function, and drive measurable environmental and sustainability change throughout the marine fuel supply chain.

Bill Wakeling commented: “I’m honoured to lead KPI OceanConnect’s alternative fuels and sustainability operations at a time where the industry must accelerate its decarbonisation progress in line with the International Maritime Organization’s 2030 and 2050 targets.

“In the last 18 months, we’ve helped our partners successfully navigate through IMO 2020, and showcased our agility and innovation by completing one of the shipping industry’s first carbon offsets. However, there are no shortage of challenges for shipowners and operators as they seek to realise a more sustainable future, and we’ll be working with them side by side through our long-term partnership approach to help achieve their sustainability ambitions and regulatory compliance.”

KPI OceanConnect’s CEO, Søren Høll, said: “This new function signifies our commitment to advancing decarbonisation in the maritime industry, and Bill Wakeling is the ideal person to head it up; there are few people with his track record, marine fuels expertise, and commercial awareness.

Our clients have a growing and sustained need for innovative solutions that can enable them to fulfil their green objectives, and they’re going to be in very safe hands with Bill and his team.”