USC Barnkrug digitises operations with Kaiko Systems

USC Barnkrug digitises operations with Kaiko Systems

Ship management company USC Barnkrug has chosen to roll out Kaiko Systems’ solution to improve data collection and analysis across its fleet of 27 feeder containerships.

After a successful trial phase, the ship management company decided to roll out the solution across its entire fleet. This process has already begun and will be completed in the coming weeks.

Berlin-based Kaiko Systems enables shipping companies to collect structured and verified inspection data and process the data into actionable insights using artificial intelligence (AI). This helps shipping companies avoid incidents, reduce downtime, and optimise their maintenance costs.

After a short and efficient trial phase of only six weeks on three USC vessels, Kaiko Systems demonstrated its ability to collect reliable inspection data and provide shore teams a comprehensive analysis of vessel health. ElbBLUE, the world’s first container ship to run on synthetic natural gas (SNG), was also trialling Kaiko Systems.

“We quickly recognised that Kaiko Systems is the best solution,” said Jens Moje, managing director of USC Barnkrug. “Naturally, the safety of our ships is one of our top priorities. We are driven by innovation and sustainability. Until now, however, the technical solutions available have not been able to provide a truly complete and constantly updated vessel health overview. Complex data needs to be collected and analysed on board and ashore. Our fleet is currently growing, and with increased size comes greater complexity in safety management. With Kaiko Systems’ software, we are able to solve this problem. Not only do we benefit as a ship management company and as a shipping community, but so do all of our employees who are responsible for the reliability of our fleet.”

Kaiko Systems’ founder and CEO Fabian Fussek commented: “The shipping industry, and especially the technical and safety management of cargo ships, is characterised by the unexpected. Kaiko Systems makes it possible for shipowners to be proactive and to gain tremendous insight into the health development of their fleets at any time. Our digital solution is easy to use, saves crew members time, and enhances the quality of the collected data. We are pleased, after the successful trial phase, to now be a reliable partner to the entire USC fleet.”