ABS publishes guide for methanol-fuelled vessels

ABS publishes guide for methanol-fuelled vessels

ABS has published its Guide for Methanol and Ethanol Fuelled Vessels.

The Guide sets out classification criteria for the arrangements, construction, installation and survey of machinery, equipment and systems for vessels operating with methanol or ethanol as fuel with a focus on minimising risks to the vessel, crew and environment.

Methanol is widely regarded as one of the leading renewable fuel options that can provide carbon neutral fuel supply and support decarbonisation within the maritime industry. Industry leaders are already ordering methanol-fueled vessels as part of their decarbonisation strategy and securing the supply of carbon neutral e-methanol.

“ABS is involved in multiple methanol-fueled projects covering container vessels, bulk carriers, and tankers, together with dual-fuel machinery projects, and we are proud to be able to use our experience to support the industry with the publication of this guide,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS senior vice president, global engineering and technology.

Vessels are eligible to receive the Low Flashpoint-Fueled Ship (DFD-Methanol) notation when they are arranged to burn methanol for propulsion or auxiliary purposes in accordance with the requirements of the Guide.

The ABS Guide for Methanol and Ethanol Fueled Vessels is available for download here.