Navis Engineering to offer KVH Watch Cloud Connect

Navis Engineering to offer KVH Watch Cloud Connect

Navis Engineering, a maritime dynamic positioning (DP) control system manufacturer, has joined the KVH Watch solution partner programme.

Navis will offer KVH Watch Cloud Connect services to deliver a remote monitoring solution for its DP and joystick maneuvering control systems.

KVH Cloud Connect is a service designed to address the complexity of managing data from hundreds of onboard sensors with a comprehensive package containing data source definitions, data mappings, and associated dashboards. An onboard Cloud Connect Edge Server aggregates and processes data from vessel sensors and provide a containerised, hybrid cloud architecture to enable down sampling, data storage, and data access for analysis, cloud-based data reporting, and dynamic visualisations.

“DP and joystick control systems are crucial to the precise maneuvering of almost any modern vessel and we look forward to offering our customers added value with a range of remote services including real-time monitoring thanks to KVH Watch,” explained Alexander Mordvintsev, area sales manager for Navis Engineering. “In addition, the industry sees DP as a gateway to autonomous vessels and we do expect that remote monitoring and advanced connectivity solutions will become mandatory. KVH services can definitely open the door to the maritime future for industry players.”

“The ability to offer real-time monitoring to clients is so important for an OEM like Navis, whose DP control systems are essential to critical O&G operations with the highest standards for cyber security and safety at sea,” said Sven Brooks, senior director of IoT business development for KVH. “We are thrilled to welcome Navis as a key KVH Watch Cloud Connect partner.”