Fjord1, Corvus, and VesselMan collaborate on “Smart Maintenance” project

Fjord1, Corvus, and VesselMan collaborate on “Smart Maintenance” project
Fjord1’ss MF Suløy charging at Sulesund

A new project to develop a digital service process and workflow to streamline the interaction between battery pack supplier Corvus Energy and ferry company Fjord 1 has commenced.  The process is prepared by VesselMan and is supported by Innovation Norway.

The project “Smart Maintenance” will implement a solution for digital collaboration related to service assignments and project deliveries. This includes both planned activities / maintenance activities, which will result in a more data-driven flow with recommendations from Corvus Energy’s monitoring systems.

“Fjord 1 will further develop its digital process with direct collaboration with Corvus Energy regarding all types of service assignments, and especially in connection with corrective jobs that will now be integrated into VesselMan. Further, we will facilitate a channel for receiving condition data and documentation which will ensure data-driven maintenance for Corvus Energy’s battery packs on our vessels,” said Nils Kristian Berge, technology and project director at Fjord1.

The project is an innovative and future-oriented investment. This project will give valuable knowledge to all involved parties, as well as resulting in an operational solution that is ready for further scaling with digitised collaboration across various actors in the maritime value chain.

Stig Linna, CEO of VesselMan commented: The project “Smart Maintenance” position us for future growth and value creation by facilitating new partnerships. With support from Innovation Norway and Klosser Innovation, we as a supplier, together with our customers and partners can now offer a world-class solution for digital collaboration towards the maritime industry.”

VesselMan will facilitate a future-oriented solution that ensures a more autonomous operation with land-based control upon receiving condition data, documentation and technical specifications for Corvus Energy’s battery packs. The information is organised in VesselMan so that it relates to the ferries that have the provided versions installed.

The process will reportedly provide a more profitable- and sustainable way for all parties to interact.