Tidewater signs fleetwide maintenance deal with Tero Marine

Tidewater signs fleetwide maintenance deal with Tero Marine
Lee Johnson, SVP and CIO of Tidewater shakes hands with Rune Lyngaas, CEO, Tero Marine

Tidewater has chosen Tero Marine to help the company optimise the lifecycle of its assets through the implementation of a harmonised fleet management system (FMS) across its entire fleet.

Tero Marine will deliver consultancy services and fleetwide implementation of its own TM Master fleet management software suite.

Part of the Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) since 2020, Tero Marine is a fleet management software and services provider. Its TM Master and TM Insights applications are an integral part of OTG’s suite of complementary services and expertise across learning, fleet and crew management.

Tidewater’s move is part of its wider Operations Excellence initiative to transform its fleet to global systems and processes, create efficiencies through automation, digitalisation to connect and integrate onshore and offshore, and scalability to optimise fleet efficiency for new acquisitions.

The initiative is intended to strategically unify processes and best practice across the group, eliminating fragmentation and reducing the administrative burden on the ship and shore-based teams. This centralised approach will also provide increased data transparency making it easier to verify safety-critical checks onboard and provide real-time oversight and control over their operations.

Lee Johnson, senior vice president and chief information officer explained: “Tero Marine is an excellent partner for Tidewater and has outperformed in past TM Master conversion projects. Tero Marine has a solid team with extensive experience in delivering quality data conversions with the highest level of data integrity and efficiency.”

Tidewater also expects the new direction to yield significant financial gains, with change management seen as critical to unlocking considerable potential for return on investment.

“The financial drivers for these savings are based on achieving industry best in class practices. Savings will only be achieved by optimising processes and securing acceptance across the fleet. TM Master software is an enabler, but it is our crews and onshore resources that will make this a successful transition. Change management is a critical success factor for any transformation,” said executive vice president and chief financial officer Sam R Rubio.

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Tidewater and are deeply proud of the confidence they have shown in our team and our ability to play an important part in delivering the organisational change they envisage,” said Rune Lyngaas chief executive officer, Tero Marine.

“It is highly motivating for us to work with such a forward-looking customer that recognises that fleet management systems are not only a tool for compliance but a means to transform the way we do business, finding greater efficiencies and enabling informed strategic decisions. Tidewater has the courage to question the way they do things and adopting the TM Master suite will empower their organisation with the tool and information to realise broader transformational change,” he added.