Tactically Ensure Your Fleets’ Optimum Efficiency

Introducing V | P | O

Achieving Excellence in Ship Efficiency through Design and Operations

From the producers of Digital Ship comes a new platform dedicated to providing shipowners and operators with the tools they need to better understand ship performance and achieve maximum operational efficiency in a rapidly evolving market.

Increasing regulation, fluctuations in bunker prices and growing concern for the global environmental impact of shipping has led to a heightened focus on the way vessels operate and consume fuel, both inside and outside the industry.

The design of a ship, its propulsion systems, onboard communications, route optimisation and navigation software, fuel type, environmental technology and dry-docking procedures are just some of the variables that will have a significant impact on a vessel’s energy efficiency, fuel consumption and overall cost of operation. Even marginal improvements in these areas can combine to create a material difference to a company’s bottom line.

VPO aims to provide a focal point for news and expert analysis from around the world specialising in marine technologies and strategies designed to optimise ship performance. VPO will report on the events impacting this sector, and lead discussions on how different areas of vessel performance can be leveraged to maximise energy efficiency, cut fuel costs and reduce emissions in this fast-moving modern market.

Visit the VPO website to stay up to date with the latest news and gain fresh insight from our focus features, or come to one of our global events to network with specialists in ship efficiency, to help you decide which technologies, strategies and processes will help your vessels achieve their optimal level of performance.